Posted by: Factory Farmed Hunger | December 4, 2007

Factory Farming

  Welcome to our factory farming weblog. Here we hope that you learn a bit about the ongoing situation within the factory farming industry and what it is doing to our environment. It is important that we educate ourselves about the environmental impacts of an industry such as this. Too often we are left in the dark about the real situation and how it is affecting us and our community. And so we ask that you read on, learn, become aware, be critical and do something!_____________________________________________________________

The main argument we are posing is this: Hunger in the midst of abundance must be regarded as a result of political decision and strategy which impoverishes both land and its people, such as in the case of factory farming, as opposed to a matter of “fate.” Furthermore the perpetuation of commercial farming discourse within the media bolsters support for factory farming and its products.

And so we address three main aspects:

  • The first is extensive information about the environmental impacts of factory farming in terms of the meat production and its affects on soil, grain and water.
  • Second we present to you a number of advertisements that demonstrate how important it is for us to become more media critical.It exists all around, invading all facets of our lives in both the public and private spheres. It plays a crucial role in how we view social and cultural issues and therefore should not go unquestioned
  • Thirdly, for those interested in invoking some change, we address policy. Too often we are told about issues that require our attention; that we must help in any way we can. Unfortunately however, many people are unaware of the ways in which they can actually get involved and so it is here that we hope, at the very least, to incite a very plausible way for one to invoke change.

So please, read on and consider what is at stake here because this is an issue that we can no longer afford to ignore.